Highlander Romance

Arch through Time Book 1 AMAZON LARGEDreams of a Highlander (Arch Through Time Book 1)

Heat level: mild
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Darcy Greenway has no time for love. As a dedicated veterinarian her career and her patients come first. But since the death of her parents she’s been running, searching. She just doesn’t know what for.

On a much-needed vacation to Scotland she walks under a natural archway on the shore of a loch and finds herself catapulted into the sixteenth century…and right into the middle of a clan war.

Stranded in a world of danger and passion, Darcy finds herself drawn to Quinn MacFarlane, the brave Scottish warrior who swears to protect her. But Quinn has secrets of his own. Haunted by his failure to save his brother, his vow might be the very thing that keeps them apart. Because he’ll protect her from everyone – even himself.

With enemies closing in, Darcy must make a choice. Should she return home or should she risk her heart on her dream of a Highlander?

Arch through Time Book 2 AMAZON LARGETouch of a Highlander (Book 2 of Arch Through Time)

Gretchen Matthews is a woman on a mission.

Haunted by the disappearance of her friend, Gretchen is determined to discover the truth. So when a strange old woman gives her a cryptic clue to her friend’s whereabouts, Gretchen packs her bags and heads to Scotland.

But things aren’t as simple as she’d hoped. When she steps through a stone archway on a wind-swept hillside she realizes that to find her friend she must travel not only thousands of miles but hundreds of years into the past – and avert a clan war in the process.

Lost in a world of passion and peril, Gretchen is rescued by Ewan Murray, a brave Scottish warrior. He just might hold the key to everything: finding her friend, averting a war – and unlocking Gretchen’s heart.

But Ewan Murray has demons of his own. Returning to his clan after years of exile, he is eager to build a new life for himself. But with enemies all around, Ewan isn’t sure who to trust – including Gretchen. Does the dark-haired beauty hold the key to his future? Or the destruction of his clan?

And can they figure it out in time to avert a war that will destroy all they hold dear?


Arch through Time Book 3 AMAZON LARGEEchoes of a Highlander (Arch Through Time Book 3)

Lucy Jennings has given up on love.

After being betrayed by her fiancé she finds solace in music. All she dreams of is getting her break, of making a living through her music. It’s the only way she finds peace.

So when a strange old woman offers her the chance to obtain her heart’s desire she jumps at the offer. She travels to Scotland to play in an orchestral tour but stumbles through a ruined archway and finds herself thrown back in time five hundred years – and right into the path of Andrew Harris, a brooding highland laird.

This wasn’t the deal. How is Lucy supposed to find her heart’s desire in a strange time, a strange land, with a man who treats her like a child? Andrew Harris is arrogant, aloof and rude.

But she soon begins to discover that’s not all he is. As they get closer she begins to peel back his armor and see the man beneath. And she realizes that her heart’s desire might not be what she thought after all.

But Andrew Harris has demons of his own. Plagued by guilt following the death of his family, he struggles to trust anyone. Lucy Jennings might just change that. But dare he take the risk?

Can Lucy and Andrew heal each other? And will they realize what they truly desire before it’s too late?

Love Of A Highlander AMAZON LARGELove of a Highlander (book 4)

Maya Charles trusts no one.

Having been abandoned by her parents as a child, it’s a lesson she’s learned the hard way. Now, having graduated from art college saddled with debt, she’s struggling to make ends meet. When a strange old woman gives her a cryptic message offering help, she scoffs at the idea: other people can’t be trusted, right? But when a sixteenth century warrior appears out of nowhere to save her life she might just be forced to challenge that assumption.

Lachie MacFarlane is sick of his life. As the laird’s nephew his duty is clear: the clan comes before all else—including Lachie’s happiness. Facing the prospect of an arranged marriage with a woman he doesn’t love, Lachie wants out. So when a strange old woman gives him the opportunity to travel to the future to aid someone in trouble, he jumps at the chance. Little does he know that decision will send them both hurtling back in time —and right into danger.

Thrown together in a world of peril and intrigue can Maya and Lachie find a way home? And more importantly, can they learn to trust each other?

Destiny Of A Highlander OTHER SITES

Destiny of a Highlander (Arch Through Time Book 5)

Breanne Martin lives in the past.

At least, that’s what everyone tells her. After learning the hard way that love never lasts, she throws her energy into her job as a museum conservator, spending her time with ancient relics and artefacts. That way she can’t get hurt again, right? So when a strange old woman offers her the chance to work in one of Edinburgh’s top museums, she grabs the opportunity.

But she soon begins to learn that all is not as it seems. When she stumbles across a gorgeous stranger trying to break into the museum one night she discovers that everything she’s learned about love—and about right and wrong—might just get turned on its head.

Alexander Murray has lost everything. As an impetuous youth he made a decision that took his life down a dark path. Now he spends his days as a warrior in a corrupt lord’s household, bereft of family, of clan, of honor. So when a strange old woman offers him the chance to travel to the future to retrieve an object of value— and in so doing make amends for his mistakes—he jumps at the chance.

Little does he know that this will throw him into the path of a fire-haired beauty who has no intention of letting him steal one of her artefacts—even if it means traveling back in time with him.

Adrift in a world of danger and betrayal, can Bree and Alex heal the hole in each other’s hearts and in so doing, fulfil their destinies?