New Adult Romance

If you enjoy bad boys, the heroines who tame them, with lots of spice thrown in, these stories are for you. I have four complete new adult romance series. Click on the links below to find out more! Heat level moderate:

flame picture flame picture

GRIPPED coverFalling for a Bad Boy

Gripped: Book 1

Torn: Book 2

Rapt: Book 3

There is no such thing as a hero

If you want justice in this world you make it yourself. That’s why I became a lawyer. I don’t trust anyone, not since the night I saw my mother murdered. But when tattooed, gorgeous Cole Davies saves my life from the very criminals I swore to fight, my armor begins to crumble. He’s dangerous. He has dark secrets. I know I should walk away but I can’t. I want to peel back his layers, see what lies beneath. But I’m terrified of what I’ll find there.


Touchpaper cover new

Don’t Touch

Touchpaper: Book 1

Powderkeg: Book 2

Firework: Book 3

Can we ever go back to being friends?

Alex Chambers never thought she would see Damon McGregor again. As children they’d been best friends. They’d laughed together. Cried together. Done everything together. That is, until the night Alex asked Damon to do something that changed their relationship forever. They haven’t spoken in three years. So, when Alex visits a friend at college and bumps into Damon again, she’s shocked to the core. She’s shocked by how attractive he’s become. She’s shocked at how cool and confident he’s become. But most of all, she’s shocked by the way her body reacts to him. Could he be the same man she used to know? Or is he the cold, arrogant alpha male his reputation suggests?

Chasing Fire - Katy Baker


Broken Fire

Chasing Fire: Book 1

Kissing Fire: Book 2

Embracing Fire: Book 3

I should have the perfect life, right?

I’m Ryan Miller: football star, playboy, party animal. I have it all. Good looks, wealth, fame.
And a football career every kid dreams of.
My life should be perfect but it’s not. I drink too much. I fight too much. I wake up in bed with a different girl every morning. I’m looking for something. I just don’t know what.
That is, until Pippa Anderson walks into my life. She’s beautiful, intelligent and might just be able to fill the big black hole inside my heart. But Pippa has a secret. Something she won’t tell me. Something she won’t tell anyone. I need to get her to trust me. Trouble is, I don’t know where to start. And do I want to know the truth?


Reach for Me

This Beautiful Stranger: Book 1

This Beautiful Moment: Book 2

This Beautiful Betrayal: Book 3

This Beautiful Forever: Book 4

Is it easy to start over? Can you really become someone new?

Nancy Ryder hopes so. A small town girl from the wrong side of the tracks, she’s worked hard to win a scholarship to the best college in the state. Her new life starts here. What better way to kick if off than by attending the party of the year?

But Nancy soon discovers it’s not as simple as she’d hoped. Surrounded by rich kids and football jocks, she feels like an outsider. She feels like a fraud. Then into her life steps Connor Black. He’s popular, confident, rich – everything Nancy isn’t. But as their attraction grows and passions flare Nancy realizes she has a decision to make. Is she willing to pay the price of fitting in?